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Today is National Remind Your Fellow White Feminists That the 19th Amendment Only Gave White Women the Right to Vote Day

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Candy crab (Hoplophrys oatesi)

The candy crab is a very colourful crab that grows from 1.5 to 2 cm. It lives on various species of soft coral in the Dendronephthya genus.

It camouflages itself by mimicing the colours of the polyps among which it hides. It adds further camouflage by attaching polyps to its carapace. Colours vary depending on the colour of the coral, and may be white, pink, yellow or red. This crab is widespread in the Indo-Pacific and it feeds on plankton.

photo credits: digimuse, Brian Maye, divemecressi

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my richness is life - bob marley

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Color Studies: Pink by Carissa Gallo

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this is the pleasant taste, convenience, and surprisingly delightful nutritional benefit of government-imposed death and destruction, corruption of nations by capitalist power, and years of oppression by occupants of the global north

i am eating a banana/this is the taste of human pain and suffering at the expense of the capitalist system

Orchid Mantis

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Luis Marden, St. Lucia (1942)

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it’s so weird that learning about racism is totally a completely optional side quest for white people

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Fish Confetti

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